Sylvester Wilson Jr. is a Licensed Barber Teacher, Licensed Barber, and the Founder and President of Successful Image™ Haircare. He was raised in one of the most impoverished project communities just outside of Chicago, IL. Surrounded by the negative influence of the street life, he was slated to become merely another black male statistic.

The mindset of setting goals and executing to win in life was nonexistent in his environment, but not in his mind. A moment of reflection reminded him of how he had always been a very goal driven person. Spirituality ultimately led him to change his position in life. He set a goal, focused in, and took action. After renting booth space in a local barbershop for just 2 years he decided to stretch the limitations, opening his own place of business, Successful Image™ Barbershop.

Communication and interaction with his barber clientele helped to ignite another passion that he had not yet discovered. As a barber, Sylvester has had opportunities to prepare his clients for “life’s biggest moments”. He has promoted self-worth, self-confidence, self-awareness, and the need to value and maintain one’s personal appearance. The inability to recommend effective haircare products to his clients opened up the understanding that there were little to no brands catering to the black male. With nearly 11 years of barber experience and 8 years of experience as a barbershop owner, Sylvester set out to fill the void, and Successful Image™ Haircare was born. Our message is universal. We want Successful Image™ Haircare products to groom you for “Life’s Biggest Moments”.