Matthew Washington

I have all four hair and face care products that are offered by successful image… Truly amazing! I don’t to much get to use the after shave because I only shave once a week and my barber takes care of me… The hair shampoo really comes in handy because I work for a garbage company. Works well and locks in moisture I don’t like to have grease in during the work week so it keeps my hair healthy… I use the grease more on a going out basis, goes on very light and doesn’t leave a build up, the next day you can even feel the softness in your hair from the oils… Which leads me to the oil sheen! One of my favorites, I spray after cuts before I go out even sometimes during the week if I want to give my hair some glow and added appeal… I have waves so it enhances my natural look in a matter of seconds… Would definitely tell anybody looking for hair care products to try out successful image brand….