What Does the Product Really Do?

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You’re going to come across many different opinions on this issue, but I am here to give you my honest, best, professional opinion on the matter.

The question is, “Should I just brush and brush and brush and brush to get waves?”

Having been in the barbering industry for over 15 years, people would sit in my chair and vent their frustrations relative to attempting to get waves and failing. I can relate. As a teenager I remember brushing all of the time, and unfortunately, I didn’t have access to product and brushing alone did not cut it for me.

In my line of work, I deal with so many different hair types, textures, lengths and so on; and through the years I have discovered that not everyone is born with “pretty Ricky” hair. Even the “pretty haired” people can benefit from using the right product. So why is a GREAT product so important?

Most of my clients who complained about not getting waves failed to use products. Furthermore, they failed to use products that were made specifically for their hair.

Regardless of your hair grade, I am of the belief that your hair can do a lot more with help from a GREAT product.

Brushing is not the key ingredient. Using the right product like Successful Image Moisturizing Wave Cream combined with brushing is a sure win.

Product helps to soften and train the hair so that it is easily managed into forming the wave pattern. Brushing trains the hair in the direction that it should go, but using the correct product is very important. If your hair is dry, dull, dirty, and brittle what kind of wave pattern do you think you’ll be able to create or maintain? Product serves a dual purpose. It combines nourishment and sheen to form a distinct wave pattern.

It’s so much more than brushing!

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