Did You Take the Time to Polish Your Style Today?

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Over the years we’ve discovered that many of you never established a hair & scalp cleansing, conditioning, or styling routine. Why not? Is it possible that somewhere along the lines you were never told that it was important to maintenance your hair between your visits to the barbershop? Is it due to the lack of products on the market that enhance your hair type or even condition your scalp?

Whatever the reason, we want you to know that we’ve heard our clients sit in barber chairs and express that they really never knew how to care for their hair.

There are many different types of cuts, styles, and trends, but it’s still important to have a weekly and even daily routine. We’ve discussed this with our clients and have come to learn that there are individuals who have been trying and trying to achieve certain styles and they have failed. Why? Because they do not have a regimen. No washing, no conditioning, and no styling agents. And we wonder why we are thinning and even balding so prematurely?

Here is what we’ve recommended to our clients who have never really implemented a routine to care for their most prized possession and unique expression.

We have been contacted by several people who have asked us how to use our products.

Here is a little help:

We recommend implementing a routine cleansing. It’s simple, just use a small amount of Successful Image Moisturizing Shampoo. It will gently cleanse while leaving your hair soft and your scalp feeling refreshed. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and keep away from your eyes.

Depending upon your desired style we offer two specific styling agents. Both offer conditioning to further nourish your hair and scalp. Try using our Successful Image Wave Cream for waves or more textured hair. For afros, or the current curly afro trend it may be a great idea to try the Successful Image Hair Oil.

For our beard clients we have beard conditioning products that will add sheen without a super greasy feel. It’s light and airy and effective.

And lastly, for those of you who are still struggling with razor bumps we have formulated the Successful Image Anti-Bump Facial Cleanser to help begin to dry out those break outs and clear up the skin. We recommend using your normal cleansing products and then lightly dabbing the Successful Image Anti-Bump Facial Cleanser directly on to your break out.

So there you have it. We are here to help you, because as you know, when you look good you feel good.

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Have a GREAT Day!

-Successful Image Team


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