DONE WITH! – The Old way of getting 360 Waves!

Are you with the countless number of men who have tried ALLLLLL the wave products on the market? At one point I even tried using a texturizer, but looking like a licked cat wasn’t going to work for me.

Thick waxy based products, a blazing hot towel, and brushing until my arms cramped up still didn’t give me the results that I was looking for. I do believe that there a 3 key components to getting 360 waves.



One good product (might I recommend Successful Image™ Moisturizing Wave Cream), a good brush, and that good old do-rag will help you get results right away.

Black or ethnic hair is different. See, most products are made to KEEP your hair in PLACE.

When you really take a moment to focus on Black hair, you will find that our hair needs moisture and it waves best when softened and moisturized. Stiffening the hair with thick or wax based products contributes to undesired results, heavy build up and it’s not healthy for our hair.

Many of our current customers are people just like you and I. Searching for a product to help them achieve their desired look. Individuals that have tried Successful Image™ Moisturizing Wave Cream now have waves after years of previous attempts with no results.  Your waves are just a click away. Learn more and shop now.

Successful Image Inc.

“It’s More Than a Product It’s YOU”

P.S. Be Blessed with the Success


  1. James
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    I hope so tired of wasting my money r u sure this will work

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