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Still trying to get waves and not seeing results? There is a powerful duo that is sure to assist you in obtaining the results that you are looking for.

The waves pictured above, (by the way this picture is NOT photo shopped) were achieved by combining Successful Image™ Moisturizing Wave Cream and a Du-Rag.

Is a Du-Rag REALLY important?

A DU-RAG is EXTREMELY important for obtaining and polishing your waves as well as maintaining healthy hair and here’s why.


When you lie down on materials such as cotton or wool, or even when you wear baseball and skull caps without a du-rag your hair is rubbing up against fibers that tend to pull at the hair shaft. Constant friction on the hair causes damage to your natural wave pattern and contributes to premature thinning.

If you’ve made several attempts at getting waves without using a du-rag you may have waves at the top, but you could be struggling with getting them to come in on the sides. Wearing a du-rag will help; and it will help you to get the real 360 result all the way around. You’ll have distinct, polished waves.

So that’s the REAL and the RAW when it comes to obtaining GREAT 360 WAVES. Be sure to use a du-rag as opposed to a stocking cap. “Man I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with this combo. Click here and try it out! Successful Image™ Wave Cream and, “Yep, A du-rag!”


Be Blessed by the Success,

Successful Image™ Inc.

“It’s More Than a Product It’s YOU”

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