Men vs. Women Haircare Needs

Most times the men follow the women when it comes to a man’s haircare needs.  …and I don’t mean that to sound any type of way, but we often use what women use because that’s what’s readily available.

There is a different motivation behind styling and maintaining. Consider this, men and women have different haircare needs? Why, how, and does it really matter?

Many women go through very intense processes to achieve their hair style. (At least it looks pretty intense to me). They sit for hours or even a day. They may use 20 different items in that one sitting, whereas most of us tend to just go get a haircut and we are looking for a product to use that will really polish our style and take it to the next level.

Should you decide to continue to just grab any old haircare item please keep in mind that certain products contain very harsh ingredients that tend to contribute to dryness, dullness, brittle hair, thinning, and ultimately premature balding. Many products contain mineral oil which is not good for our hair. Other products are just way too heavy and cake up easily.

I recall a time when I used a shampoo that was just lying around. After using it, my hair felt like sandpaper. It was hard, course, stiff, and brittle. Well, I discovered that I used a shampoo that was made for the purpose of washing chemically treated hair.  So what I felt in my own hair was the after effects of having all of the nutrients stripped away.

So for the overall health of your hair, it is a good idea to reach for a product that will compliment your styling needs and the unique characteristics of our hair while nourishing it. Successful Image was designed based on this premise. Take a little time to get to know the anatomy of your hair and begin using a product made for you.

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