4oz Moisturizing Wave Cream- Best 360 Wave Cream

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  • New and Improved Wave Formula
  • No Heavy Build Up
  • Adds Moisture and Shine
  • Made with natural Ingredients
  • Can’t Brush without it!
  • Guaranteed Results!


Successful Image™ Wave Cream, enriched with coconut oil to strengthen and soften your hair, will define your waves. Successful Image™ Wave Cream is formulated as a light hold styling agent with no heavy buildup. Polish and redefine your look with Successful Image™ Wave Cream.

Ingredients: Water, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Castor oil, Behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, Bambusa vulgaris (bamboo) extract, Bees wax, Glyceryl stearate, Ceteareth-20, Propylene glycol, Glycerin, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl urea, Fragrance.

18 reviews for 4oz Moisturizing Wave Cream- Best 360 Wave Cream

  1. John Hunt

    With the water base and natural ingredients this product is simply GREAT!!!!!
    will NOT leave your hair feeling greased and heavy or hands feeling sticky…..All that’s needed is a small amount (quarter)size and that will leave your hair feeling as good as it looks with a lite shine and smooth look you will be winning.

  2. Justin Smith

    This product gave me the Successful look I needed! Since I started using the wave cream I have had a confidence like no other! The natural ingredients helps enhance your waves! When I started using this I noticed an IMMEDIATE TRANSITION for the good Within my hair!

  3. Darrell Chaney

    I have used this product since it’s come out. I’ve used every popular wave product and nothing compares to this. The cream is smooth it’s not all thick or greasy like other products. It’s even helped me enhance my waves on the side that I sleep on the most and that’s something that no other product had been able to do. This cream keeps my waves looking fresh everyday. I recommend it 100%

  4. Cristian Williams

    I love this product personally. This cream is light and not oily so you don’t get the oily forehead. It not only gives me the waves I’m looking for but it enhances my waves.

  5. Matt

    Great product honesty my favorite one! Gets used everyday sometimes twice a day! Goes on lite! Leaves a nice healthy look not oily! Perfect for guys looking to sport the wave look!

  6. Kendall Williams

    I love it ! Definitely helped me out big time ! Hair much softer now and waves are definitely coming in ! This is a great product everyone

  7. Tristan Clark

    Every product I tried to use to get my waves right I stopped using because it was to oily and leaving me with greasy hands. My dandruff was out of control till I made the switch to successful image wave cream. Waves better then ever and it keeps me dandruff free…. Best decision I made by trying this product that I’m never turning my back on lol

  8. Julian Griffith

    The only wave cream that gave me waves! The best natural wave cream on the market! It does not dry your hair up at all and it keeps your hair looking rejuvenated, smooth, and nice and shiny. Every time I run out, the same day I pick up more! Combine this with the other products for the best results! And it being ALL NATURAL makes it 10 times better!

  9. Mark Washington

    Excellent hair product! I was looking for something that would keep my hair moisturized, but not greasy. Before I use the SI wave cream on my hair it was very dry and I had dandruff when using other products. So now my dandruff is gone and my hair is very soft , manageable and not greasy. I highly recommend the wave cream. See the waves! 🙂

  10. George Fuller


  11. Aaron Brown (verified owner)

    Simply amazing. It’s really light weight and waves be popping.

  12. devinjaiproducer

    This product is truly amazing I love it and will be a regular customer

  13. Derek Dorsey

    Just received today so I will need time to really see what it does but I’m amazed at how moisturized my hair is.Usually other products would’ve dried it out by now. My waves are definitely popin’,the shine and smell is amazing..We’ll see. You may have a lifetime customer and judging by the results so far, things look positive..

  14. Jovan

    The best wave cream I ever use it’s nothing out there that’s beating this trust me your ways going to be popping even if you never had waves before it will give you waves

  15. ellison297 (verified owner)

    Man I am really impressed with this product it has my waves spinnin this going to be my new go to

  16. Dino D Tanner Jr

    Before the military they used to call me the king of waves, it has taken many years and trials of different product to get my hair back as soft, shining, and with 360 tsunami ripples, but this product here with just 2 months of just the trial size has shown a major difference and I’m finally out and about to order several full size jars, a forever customer

  17. Jason

    This product works. I was skeptical at first. I’m using the trial size and it has made the texture of my hair very smooth and soft. Keeps hair shiny and hydrated. Love it so far.

  18. Anthony O’Neal (verified owner)

    Great Product!

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