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Do you remember those ole’ school wave products? They were the worst. The products were too thick and too greasy. All they were doing was just slicking my hair down – not a wave in sight. Washing out all that heavy residue was a major hassle. Back in those days no matter what I used, I really wasn’t seeing any results.

I’m not knocking the ole’ school methods. I do acknowledge that some methods were good to do; like brushing and wearing your du rag. The problem was the PRODUCT, not the PROCESS, and this is wear Successful Image™ Moisturizing Wave Cream can change your life.
Successful Image™ Moisturizing Wave Cream offers rich natural oils, no build up, and a secret formula to help build your wave pattern. Formulated with you in mind, it is quickly becoming the best wave cream out here.


Here are 5 Major Steps to maximize your waves with Successful Image™ Wave Cream. Best believe you’ll have the waves that you desire.

Step 1. The Length of Your Hair – Work with barber to make sure that your hair is not too long or too short

Step 2. The Best WAVE CREAM – The Successful Image™ Moisturizing Wave Cream secret formula will soften your hair and help form your wave pattern. Use it daily to maximize results.

Step 3. Brushing – it is very important to brush daily. Brushing helps to train your wave pattern in the desired direction.

Step 4. Du-Rag – Wearing a du-rag is a must. The du-rag helps to lay your hair down. If you are just forming waves wear your du-rag as often as you can.

Step 5. Keep Your Hair Clean – Wash your hair with Successful Image™ Moisturizing Shampoo at least once a week. Trying to form waves in the midst of dirty caked up hair will lead to failure. It is hard to get waves with dirty hair.


Following these steps while using Successful Image™ Wave Cream… …the best wave cream – will lead to SUCCESS!
If you are looking for a shampoo that cleanses without stripping check out Successful Image™ Moisturizing Shampoo.
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