The MOST Common MISSED STEP in the 360 Wave Process

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You may think it’s pointless, but the MOST common missed step (next to using Successful Image Wave Cream of course) is NOT WEARING your Du-rag.

The du-rag helps by training the hair and keeping it in place. When you go to bed without it, all of that hard work that you’ve been putting in all day, just goes to waste.

Without a du-rag it is going to be very difficult to maintain your wave pattern. A du-rag, coupled with Successful Image Wave Cream, is going to define your waves.

I know that wearing a du-rag can be very annoying. In future messages I will show you one method of properly putting on your du-rag. I will also tell you why it is very important to wear a du-rag under your hat.

Now that you’ve found a great product in Successful Image Wave Cream, don’t let your time and energy go to waste. WEAR your du-rag.


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