Why Your Wave Brush is Overrated

People may think that brushing ALL the time is the key to developing waves, but brushing really only serves a very specific purpose. Most people don’t know what that purpose is…

Are you tired of brushing and brushing and brushing? I’m sure you’ve seen posts on social media, or maybe even come across a few videos of someone attempting to get waves and they are rambling on and on about how brushing is the key to getting 360 waves. I’m not here to discredit anyone. Brushing is important, but its real purpose is to TRAIN the hair to go in the direction that you desire. Brushing can also contribute to breakage, especially without the use of proper products. Just brushing alone is not going to result in healthy waves. The right product is important and very beneficial.

No product to soften, moisturize and aide in the training process = a lot of unnecessary brushing.

We hope that you are starting to notice a healthier, more vibrant, and defined wave pattern with the use of our product while brushing your hair.

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